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  • Calling all Women!

    The Women in Business Council creates a supportive learning environment where women inspire women, promote the spirit of cooperation and collaboration, grow professionally and strengthen their positive impact in the business community.

    Please join us!


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  • Gina Johnson

    Set yourself up for success with some goal setting tips and tricks from Gina. 

    Thank you Gina! 


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  • Mary Carangelo & Derrick Kennedy

    Fashion tips to not only make you look, but feel your best. SIP Wine Bar mini class.

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  • Elaine Rodriguez

    Hear from Elaine on ways to create meaningful and productive relationships with your clients.  

    Thank you Elaine!


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  • Elena Goggin

    No longer the Sandwich Generation - now it's the Club Sandwich Generation!

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  • Wendy Perrotti

    Affect positive change in your life by learning to master difficult conversations with Wendy.  

    Thank you Wendy!


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  • Hannah Stella & Christa Maynard

    Learn how to use social media platforms to strengthen your business’ online appearance.

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