• Safe Car Repair in light of Covid-19 by Cardone & Daughter Automotive in Old Saybrook

    Isolated? Social distancing but need car service?
    Cardone & Daughter Automotive of Old Saybrook is offering a free car pickup and delivery service to help aid our existing and new customers many of whom, understandably, do not want to leave their houses in light of the COVID-19 crisis. Customers located within a 10 mile radius (give or take a mile) of our location at 4 Custom Drive, Old Saybrook can take advantage of this service.

    We will wipe down car keys, door handles, steering wheels, shifters, etc. with disinfecting wipes before taking the car and will do the same when we drop your car back off after servicing. 

    This pickup/drop off service will be provided at no charge in order to do our part during this challenging time. You can utilize our pickup and delivery Monday thru Friday.

    All you have to do is give us a call or send us an email and the following will occur:

    You will talk to either Don or David about your vehicle's needs via telephone or email. We will send one of our staff to your location to pick up your car. We will wipe/disinfect keys, steering wheel, door handles, shifter, etc. before we leave your property

    When available, we can supply you with a free (also disinfected) loaner vehicle.

    Your vehicle will be brought to our facility where it can be serviced and repaired as you authorized (our staff is practicing social distancing, wipes, gloves, sanitizers, daily cleanup of all contact surfaces). Once repairs are completed, we will speak to you on the phone or by email and you can pay your bill with either a credit or debit card. We can email you the repair text and invoice, if you prefer not to be given paperwork.
    We will deliver the vehicle back to your location and, once again, we will disinfect keys, steering wheel, door handles, shifters, etc. for your safety. 

    We hope that everybody is staying safe and following the proper health protocols, social distancing, etc. as we are here at our shop. We look forward to assisting you with your vehicle maintenance.

    The Cardone & Daughter Automotive Staff
    David & Nancy Cardone, Don Burr, Ivan Castaneda, John Martell, Bruce Johnston, Ibrahim Zain, Jeremy Sharples, Sherman Baumann, Todd Schondorf, Ethan Howley, Mary Melendez, Katie Smith, Nicole Walden