• Member Profile: Sharon Lewis

    Sharon Lewis is a business coach and owner & operator of AdviCoach
    (860) 876-6199

    Please describe your ideal customer/client:
    My ideal client is a business owner that loves what they do and wants to get the most out of their business.

    What are your primary responsibilities:
    I help business owners define the vision for their business that is in alignment with what they want their life to be like (i.e. income, hours worked, responsibilities, retirement) and then we develop a plan to achieve that vision. I keep clients on track by providing accountability for the planned actions, education on business aspects they are uncomfortable with, and awareness of gaps in the business. 

    What do you love about your job:
    My clients! I love learning about different types of businesses and seeing my clients get excited when the business is moving in the direction that they envisioned.

    Name your favorite Chamber service, program or event:
    The 3rd Wednesday Business Connections Hour in the morning is my favorite because it provides an audience to hear your message.
    What are some of your interests or hobbies:
    I am an avid reader. My creative outlet is creating fused glass pieces. And my friends think I'm a borderline survivalist because I have chickens, bees and do a small amount of canning. (I'm not a survivalist, I'm just Pennsylvania Dutch!)

    What is your personal philosophy on how to be successful:
    Always leave things better than you found them. I'm always looking for the little ways to improve things. And only touch  things (email, paperwork) once!