• Member Profile: Michael Robidoux, Harvard Risk Management Corp.

    Michael Robidoux, owner, Harvard Risk Management CorporationMichael Robidoux, Harvard Risk Management Corp

    How can Chamber members benefit from your company?

    We protect families from the devastating effects of Identity theft and provide them with affordable access to the legal system. We offer free identity theft workshops to individuals and small businesses
    What are your primary responsibilities?

    Educating people on the effects of identity theft and providing affordable solutions.
    What do you love about your job:

    I enjoy helping people and having the flexibility to be my own boss
    Name your favorite Chamber service, program or event:

    I just joined the chamber, but have very much enjoyed the events I have attended, and chamber members that I have met so far.
    What are some of your interests or hobbies?

    Spending time with my wife and 2 sons, woodworking, fishing and being outdoors
    What is your personal philosophy on how to be successful?

    Perseverance, hard work, and enjoying what you do.