• Member Monday: Meet Shoreline Menus

    An interview with Lauren Ashe, Director of Partnership Development and Alex Folkes, Co-Owner.
    Shoreline Menus, an online delivery service, formed in early 2019 in Old Saybrook and Clinton with just a few partners and a handful of restaurants.
    "We draw inspiration from lots of different sources. We're lucky that our business allows us the opportunity to work with a wide group of business owners and hospitality professionals. We get to collaborate and piggy back off of a lot of what our network brings to the table. At the end of the day, we do this for the small businesses. We were created by and for people who have been continually exploited by large national brands that have a primary focus on market share. Their businesses were born from venture capital with an emphasis on technology and proliferation. We were born from small town shops run by local families and built on hospitality and gritty self-determination. It shows in the way we connect with our partners and our community."
    "What we enjoy most are the connections that form every day. We're blessed to have such a wide network of supporters and collaborators and we draw from that well of support everyday."
    "A main focus over the last couple of years has been technology. Though we are bootstrapped we also have high ambitions and know we can only continue to compete if our technology competes. We have lots of exciting projects in that realm. We are thrilled to be implementing some of them currently and have some even bigger ones in the pipeline. The improvements will be a game changer for our partners and allow them to control and grow their businesses to an even higher degree."
    Shown are some of the team members that comprise Shoreline Menus: Daniel Willis, Dylan Lyons, Finn Yaeger, Lauren Ashe, Alex Foulkes, Joe Torchia, Andria Alex and Doug Wrightsman.