• Member Monday: Meet Scott & Peter of Cinemotion

    An interview with Scott Miller, President (below right) and Peter Schulze, Vice President (below left)

    Cinemotion is a video production company formed in early 2020.  Our official launch date was supposed to be early April of that year, but the worldwide pandemic delayed it.  We have since picked up once the economy reopened and have been very busy. Based on our volume and increasing client base, we're already planning a new wave of purchases of extremely high-performance equipment which will enable us to deliver top-notch products at blazing speed.

    We’re inspired to be the very best at what we do. We’ve each personally invested in cinema-grade cameras, editing systems and other gear, and continually strive to learn and implement the latest techniques to produce engaging, captivating videos that help our clients grow and achieve their goals.  We truly believe we only succeed when we first help them succeed.

    What we like best about our work is the creativity and getting feedback from our clients that they received a great response from the work we did for them.

    We have several projects that we’re currently working on: Foxwoods, Connecticut Science Center, and the Old Saybrook Historical Society.  We get to tell a wonderful story for the organization (Historical Society).  We're very grateful for the opportunity.  We love nostalgia and helping keep great memories alive, while bringing attention of important historical figures and introducing them to newer generations.  We're also helping Foxwoods and the Connecticut Science Center promote their exhibits and events.

    Westbrook, CT 06498